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Monday, June 05, 2006

Philippine Independence Day Parade

The parade started from 41st Street going all the way down to 23rd Street, Madison Avenue.

It was colorful, lively, entertaining - with each group showcasing the Filipinos' artistry and creativity in so many different ways.

And in accordance with the Filipinos' penchant for Beauty Contests, there was also an abundance of floats carrying lovely girls wearing sashes with titles such as: "Queen", "Princess", "Pearl", "Wisdom"...

..."Miss Philippines-Fiesta",

"Mrs. Philippines-USA",

and their (most probably) daughters...

It went on and on - a bevy of beauties surrounded by flowers, flags, balloons and ribbons!

We caught up with the gorgeous Miss "Bituin Ng Visayas" (Star of the Visayas), and I'm pretty proud to say that she represented my Region very well! (Shown above, with S.) In typical girlie manner, S wanted to know when she will be allowed to wear a similar gown. Not anytime soon, Sweetie.



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